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College and high school students are always seeking help with term papers, essays and other forms of writing because they are constrained of time or just don’t like the assignments. This makes them turn to essay writing companies and their internet searches return thousands of writing websites. All these websites claim to offer quality services, original products at affordable rates and within set deadlines. Though this is usually far from the truth, students often find themselves in the hands of the wrong writing companies because majority of writing companies found online are shams that take advantage of the desperate situations that students find themselves in.

Since they know that they cannot get repeat customers due to poor quality of work that they produce, rogue writing companies depend on one time customers and they thrive on the inexperience of students. For students, this is a very discouraging experience. Often, they find themselves in the hands of scammers because they have no idea of how to identify a credible writing company. They have no idea of what qualities to seek for in writing companies that consistently produce original, high quality writing products. These are qualities that are not found in rogue companies and differentiate good and bad writing companies.

Some of the things that students need to research on when seeking for online writing services include chat services or telephone numbers. Credible companies have these and do not just use email like other fake companies. Chat or telephone services mean there are real people on the other end to respond to customer concerns. Check how the content is presented on the website too to see whether it is written in a professional manner. This tells you whether the company has the capacity to write. Also review the order form and see how specific it is in terms of formatting style, resources that you need used and academic level. Also, check for samples that the company has generated and how the company handles communication. Though it takes time to do this, it is important to read customer reviews available on the site that have been written by people who have used the service. Check social media sites for independent reviews as well.

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The other easy way to find reputable writing companies is visiting our site, great-tutorials.info. Here you will find reports on investigations that we conduct on writing companies through open review requests and analysis of customer reviews. We rank the companies based on elements such as pricing, communication, timeliness and quality. Companies that meet these qualities are rated highly on our website and we also feature short videos about them on our sites. Links to their sites are placed here so that our visitors can find them easily.